Hunting Stories


Gerrett Gets One

It was about 7:45 am on Saturday morning and the sun had started breaking through the trees. Garrett was busy checking out every squirrel and bird sound that he heard thinking it was a deer sneaking in on us. I explained to him that if a deer was going to

The Best Miss Ever

It was the third day of the annual Park Rapids UFFDA hunt and I was sitting in a new ground blind. My best friend Ken and I had been in a good spot the previous two-days seeing deer on both occasions. The first spot was set up more for a crossbow than my

Wheelchair Hunting In Africa

I had just lowered my crossbow and lined up the scope on a good looking Gemsbok about 25 yards away...this was the animal I came to Africa for and it was just seconds away from being mine ! It was not a big one but after several days, I decided to take hi

Ozark Mountain Outfitters

Once in a blue moon, be it through divine providence or just sheer luck, a hunter stumbles across an outfitter with a hunting opportunity that is bursting at the seams with quality, excitement and value. This past fall a group of friends and I discovered

Tales From Camp Buckskin

Have I Got a Deer Tale For You! Once again we eagerly waited for bow season to start. It had been a long hot summer and we were really hoping the weather would cool down. Well, the season opened, but the weather didn’t cooperate, as it stayed extremely


If you were blessed enough to be one of the lucky ones that attended the 2007 Camp Wilderness in Park Rapids, MN, you will appreciate the title of this report. You will also fondly remember the mantra that became the theme and battle cry of all that were


Crossbow technology, as with every other concept that man has contrived to date, is rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, producing faster and flatter arrow flight. This race for more power and greater speed has not come without a price, howev

UFFDA Goes To Ozark Mountain Outfitters

When Mike Safcik purchased a hunt donated by Ozark Mountain Outfitters (OMO) at the 2006 UFFDA Annual Banquet, you might say he was buying a pig in the poke. No one connected with UFFDA had ever been there or knew anyone who had. Furthermore, the hunt was

The UFFDA Spirit

An interesting event happened this past fall at the Camp Wilderness hunt and it bears sharing with the entire membership so that perhaps each one of us can understand better the meaning of the "UFFDA Spirit". Those of you that have been a part of UFFDA fr

Triumph At Bear Mountain Lodge

As the large, shaggy silhouettes of the Russian Boars wove in and out of the thick timber, the hunter’s heart beat louder and faster. Long, black snouts worked the air currents in search of human scent, but all that was detected was the sweet odor of the

UFFDA 2005 - A Year For The Heart!

For the past dozen years it has been my distinct pleasure to be a small part of one of the most unique organizations that plays and romps in God’s great wilderness. The United Foundation For Disabled Archers has been a continuous source of joy and educati

2006 UFFDA Arrow Awards

Each year the United Foundation For Disabled Archers recognizes several outstanding individuals and sponsors that have supported the UFFDA mission in an exceptional way with exceptional effort, generosity and personal sacrifice. It is a very difficult tas

Wisconsin 2006 Hunt Report

Some say 13 is unlucky. If that’s the case, then the UFFDA Camp Tesomas hunt in Wisconsin was the unluckiest ever. First we had a record number of hunters attend (16). Second we had a record number of hunters check in (16). But best of all was that we set