Alpen Gives Big Discount On Product To UFFDA Members


In a recent telephone conversation with Vicki Gardner, owner of Alpen Outdoor Corp., she absolutely delighted me by announcing that she would give any UFFDA member the writers discount on any of the items featured in their fine line of optic products. That is a wonderful offer for those of us in the UFFDA family, great optical products and an even greater price. So, if you are in need of a reliable pair of binoculars, a spotting scope or a scope for your rifle, it would seem to me that Alpen is the way to go people.

For more information about the unbeatable discounts or for a catalog of Alpen’s complete line of products, you may email the spirited Vicki Gardner at or for even more fun, you may call her at 909-987-8370. Make sure to tell who ever you talk to that you are a member of the United Foundation For Disabled Archers and that you would like the special "UFFDA Deal" on a new pair of binoculars or whatever else you are shopping for. You will be pleasantly surprised how much money you will save on their already greatly priced optics by shopping with Alpen. And take it from me after years of using their fine products, you will be pleased with any item you choose. A very special "thank you" goes out to Alpen Outdoor Corp for your generosity and your continued support of the United Foundation For Disabled Archers.