2008 UFFDA Arrow Awards


Each year the United Foundation For Disabled Archers recognizes outstanding individuals and sponsors that have supported the UFFDA mission in an exceptional way. It is a difficult annual task to select just four because there are so many individual members and sponsors that qualify as worthy candidates.

After a thorough analysis and difficult considerations, the 2008 Silver Arrow awards, which are presented to an outstanding sponsor, were conferred to Jim “One Shot” Moore of Lakeville, MN and Greene Implement of Osceola, WI. The 2008 Golden Arrow Awards were presented to Brett Colgrove of Motley, MN 2008 and Leroy Berger of Manchester, WI.

The recognition given Jim Moore is cumulative as he was one of our first disabled hunters back in 1995. Since that time, however, there has not been a member that has given more generously in both dollars and merchandise than old “One Shot”. His dedication to the UFFDA mission has been both commendable and altruistic. At the ripe old age of 68, Jim has spent 55 years in a wheelchair, but has not let that fact stifle his sense of adventure and personal dedication to UFFDA and its objectives. He modestly hangs in the background, but consistently supports our organization, which has come to mean so much to him.

The other Silver Arrow Award was presented to Greene Implement of Osceloa, WI. Bill Begner and the fine folks at Green Implement have been donating a couple of Gators for the Wisconsin team to use to get hunter into and out of the field. Most of the hunting is done on the reservation at Tesomas and the Gators make it much easier to move the hunters to and from the field. The enormous task of transportation is made much easier using the green implements from Green Implement.

For the past half decade or so, one of the sought after auction items at the Camp Wilderness Hunt is the long bow made by our own disabled hunter, Brett Colgrove. Each year his creations get better and more sophisticated. Over the years that Brett has been a UFFDA member, we have not only watched his skills as a bower grow, but we have watched his family grow and we all look forward to seeing them on the day of the banquet each year. Brett has been a proactive member that has given back much more than he has received and we are proud and pleased to present him with the Golden Arrow Award for his contributions to our cause.

The second Golden Arrow Award is presented to Roy Berger for his outstanding dedication to UFFDA and its mission. Roy has served as guide and has taken on any and all jobs whenever he has been asked. There is no job too big, nor one too small for this man when asked to help. So dedicated to the cause is Leroy Berger that not long ago, after getting the time off from work to attend the hunt, his boss changed his mind and said he had to work or lose his job. Roy told him to keep his job and was at the hunt. Now that my friends is a dedicated UFFDA member.

The entire UFFDA Family would like to offer our sincere congratulations to this year’s winners along with our heartfelt thanks for all that these special folks do to make the UFFDA mission such an outstanding success.